Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sundance Film Festival Recap!

I'm a week or so late, but I wanted to post a picture or two from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. When my dad moved up there a few years ago (my parents commute from Dallas to Park City every weekend...crazy, I know!)...we started going up there for Christmas to ski. It's always a blast!

This year, we decided to spend Christmas in Dallas and go to Park City during the Sundance Film Festival. We had a GREAT time and saw some really great movies. I saw 5 movies in three days. If you think that's a lot, you should hear some of the die-hard movie-goers.....they see over 20 in two weeks! To think I was almost movie'd out after 5.

They were all INCREDIBLE films, but they were all pretty "deep". They didn't necessarily have the "warm and fuzzy" endings and famous movie stars, but they all made you really think about life etc. After the movie, the cast and director would go up on stage and answer questions from the audience. It was so interesting to hear the real story and the background on how these films were made....very low budget.

You realize how many GREAT movies fall through the cracks...and never made it to the BIG SCREEN...because they can't get investors etc. It's a crazy business. You really appreciate the passion of these actors.

Movies we saw:

The Shrink - We went to the premier! Kevin Spacey was the "shrink" and he was there answering questions. I really think the movie will get picked up. We loved it!

Adventureland - This movie sparked some interest...and I think it will make it to local theatres. It kind of had a "Juno" feel to it.

ADAM - I LOVED this movie. I think it was my favorite.

Helen - I love Ashley Judd. This was a sad movie about depression.

Push - Sundance Award Winner! (it. was. intense.)

We went out one night, but didn't see any celebrities. The only celebrities we saw were the ones in the "cast" in the films we saw. Everyone was at the Inauguration! haha. It was the second week at Sundance...and apparently, the first week is when the movie stars all go. We saw a ton of paparazzi waiting on main street. It was crazy. We did sit next to one of the writers for the Saprano's in one movie. I'm sure there were a ton of famous "industry" people around that we didn't recognize.

The best part about skiing during Sundance is that NO ONE is on the slopes. Unfortunately, it rained/sleeted most of the time we were it was miserable skiing conditions. It was also super foggy. You couldn't see two fee in front of you...which is just scary on the slopes. You can see how miserable I was below....

Not our best ski picture.....this was right before I dropped my camera in the snow. Nice.

T Minus 1 DAY until wood floors!!!!!

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