Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Summer Recipes!

Chopsticks and I have actually been in town the past few weekends and it's been SO nice. We've watched movies, we got things done around the house, and I've had time to try some new summer recipes. It's always a gamble with new win some, you lose some. And I have to say the following three recipes were WINNERS!!!!

Mustard Glaze BBQ Chicken

I got this recipe from Elizabeth's Edibles, who got it from Cooking Light. This is one of my favorite cooking websites. Everything she posts always looks so good and I love the "step by step" pictures. This recipe was easy and VERY yummy. I used a grill pan and cooked the chicken over the stove. It made a nice glaze..and was juicy and flavorful all the way to the bone.

Jerk Chicken Salad from Z Tejas

This is my very FAVORITE salad in Austin. I ordered it the first time I went to this restaurant and I never looked back. I'm sure their restaurant has other good things on the menu, but I'll never know because I will ALWAYS get this salad. I randomly tried to look it up online and what do you know? I found the recipe! Yes - it's a lot of ingredients, but if you have a spice rack, you probably have most of them. Don't be scared by everything you mix in the salad's good...promise! I did skip a few things I didn't have (ie. ginger)...and it was still tasty. I also used a whisk because I don't have a food processor, and it worked just fine.

Shrimp PoBoys

This is another recipe I found on Elizabeth's Edibles. The sauce was AMAZING and tastes just like you were ordering it on Bourbon Street. I did bread and fry the shrimp with some olive oil in a skillet because I wanted the crispy taste. I used the soft homemade french bread rolls from HEB...with some tomatoes, lettuce and pickles.....mmm mmm good. It was a bit time consuming because there were so many steps, but on a Friday night with a glass of wine...I didn't mind!

Note: I will say that some of these recipes make A LOT of I had to cut it down quite a bit for just Chops and I. I cut one down by 1/3rd...and I needed a TI-83 calculator. Where is Reams when I need her?


  1. oh my gosh! we all know i dream about the jerk chicken salad at z tejas.. LOVE IT, but i wish that shrimp po boy was sitting in my lap right now- it looks so good!!!

    thanks for sharing, pearls!

  2. Ha. I am still so caught off guard when you call him things like "Chops". ha ha.

    I'm coming over next time YOU make the jerk chicken salad. :) LOVE it, but that looks like a bizillion ingredients and steps! You go girl!! You Betty Crocker you.