Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Product Review!

I've done a few product reviews before, so I thought I would go ahead and add some to my list!

In my attempt to save money this summer, I decided to cut back on my make-up expense. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I've only really worn Laura Mercier make-up. I LOVE all their colors and the way it feels on my skin. But it's EXPENSIVE! You have to go to Neimans, Saks or Nordstrom to get it. I stocked up a few years ago (yes, years) when I was in a bunch of weddings and kept getting my make-up done for free at their counter.

Well..the time came where I needed some new foundation. I decided I would try something I could buy at Walgreens for under $10. I also decided that I would give it two tries....if the first one made my skin break out, I would try one more brand before going back to the ol tride and true.

Well....I have a new favorite foundation! Cover Girl - TRU BLEND! It's so soft on my face and I feel that it has good coverage. I still use my LM transparent powder over it.
My next product review is the Curvy Jeans at Gap. I did a quick walk-through this weekend and decided I would try on a pair because they were all $20 off. These jeans are already washed and SUPER soft. If you have some curves like me, these are very flattering, and they don't pucker in the back. Of course, I WILL take them to get altered so they fit just right...and yes, I will go ahead and admit that I will pay $5 extra to get the "jeans hem". Now if the weather would ever drop below 100 degrees!!!

Note: WHY would they pick a model to try on the CURVY jeans...when SHE HAS NO CURVES!!!!??? Seriously!!!! Come on, Gap! I thought you were all about the modern day woman!

Finally, I don't have to explain too much about this next product. The label speaks for itself. I LOVE Clorox Spray with Bleach. We have white counter tops and I seriously don't know what I would do without it. I am such a mess in the kitchen that I probably use it AT LEAST 2-3 times over the course of the evening....spill a bit of red wine? No problem! Splatter some sauce over the white back splash? Let me get that! Minor explosion in the microwave? Bring it on!

Honestly...if I managed the Chopsticks and Pearls money market accounts, I would probably go ahead and buy a bunch of their stock........which is maybe why I'm not in charge. :)

I'm about to updated my "blog list" in my sidebar. I haven't added anything since I start my blog last year. SO....If you read my blog, I would love to link to you! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I'll add you! Also, I just posted the "follow" feature. I'm not 100% sure that that means, but I'm more than happy to follow you too!

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