Friday, July 11, 2008

The first blog!

I’ve finally given in….again. First myspace, then facebook, and now a blog. Here’s to keeping up with the times! I’m hoping this will be a place for daily ramblings, funny stories, life updates, new favorite products/clothes (probably from Target), fun recipes, and recent craft projects! Don’t be confused by the URL...while we all love James, he’s not the “journaling” type and will probably not be posting any time soon. Since he will be the subject of many of my stories, I wanted to include him!

An explanation of my header:

1. I thought the couch picture above gives an overall casual/coffee-talk look and feel.

2. I LOVE white couches with bright pillows. It’s such a clean and polished look. It definitely wouldn’t look right in our house now, but I’m hoping that after a few home updates and renovations this fall….I can finally purchase two white EXTORP armchairs from IKEA and put some fun red pillows to match!

3. Most importantly, the picture has house shoes. I couldn’t think of a better image that described our life!

House Shoes

If there is one thing I know about my husband, he loves his house shoes. If you have ever been to our house when James isn’t home, you know the scene well. House shoes next to the couch. Sometimes I put them in the corner neatly or hide them behind a chair, but they are always there. When we are officially hosting something, I’ve finally convinced him to let me put them in the closet. Phew!

James is a FIRM believer in house-shoes. Some of it stems from his culture, but most of it comes from the mere practicality of it all. He likes to be clean. He comes home from work, sits on the couch and transfers his work shoes to his house-shoes for the rest of the night. This is mind-boggling to me. When he’s sleeping, his house-shoes lay neatly by the bed until he wakes up. He’s a man of routine.

As the good wife that I am, I get him new house-shoes every year for Christmas. Not just for him, but for the simple fact that I’m tired of looking at the same old pair. By November, the shoes are a sight for sore eyes. Shopping for these is not an easy task either….they have to be durable, not too lose on his feet, not too hot, backs that are comfortable to step on, and semi-attractive. I’ve found that academy typically has the best selection. I digress.

The moral of my story is that as James tries to transform me into the land of house-shoes, I will continue to walk around barefoot and fancy free! I might like clean look of a white IKEA EXTORP armchair, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna need house-shoes and clean feet to enjoy it! Hence, the theme of my blog!

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