Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Little City Slicker

Not only did I have a big weekend, but James did as well! He was asked to go to the “ranch” or “hunting lease” with his boss. When your boss asks you to go on a trip like this, you can’t really say no. Neither James nor I grew up in a family that hunts, farms, or ranches…so we didn’t quite know how to prepare or pack for a trip like this. Like the typical wife, this suddenly becomes my stress of the week!

I figure that my main job was to make sure he at least looks the part. So I had James ask his boss what a city boy like him needed to bring on this trip. His reply was: beer, cash for poker, sleeping bag and work boots. Work boots? We don’t know the first thing about “work boots”.

I suggested that we go to the Red Wing outlet to find some good quality work boots. James felt that Red Wings looked too much like cowboy boots and that Asians don’t wear cowboy boots….even though they apparently have no problem putting in a dip. Hmm. After trying on almost every pair and over analyzing each look, we settled with some high-top hiking books that looked similar to “work boots” when you wear them with jeans.

As for apparel, I was pretty excited to get him a Columbia fishing shirt. I just think they are so cute with all the pockets. He already has the bathing suit shorts that match. I’ve been trying to get him one for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. When I brought it home, he took one look at the $50 price tag and said “no way, take it back”! Little does he know that $50 won’t even buy you a shirt at the Gap these days.

I finally convinced him to at least pack it for the weekend and I would take it back if he didn’t wear it. That’s always my rational when I buy new clothes. Well friends….not only did he wear it, but everyone the exact same shirt. My goal was accomplished…my little city slicker fit right in at the ranch. To top it all off…He said it’s the most comfortable shirt he’s ever worn.

All in all…he survived and had a good time “roughing it”. He only came back with one chigger bite and $80 bucks for winning poker. Just enough to cover the cost of his new “designer shirt” and take his wife to dinner!

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