Monday, July 28, 2008

The Turkey Wreath

This weekend was our 4th Annual freshman year roommate reunion (201 Room Reunion). Once a summer, we get together and float the river, watch movies, catch up on each other’s lives, and eat a lot. Due to a pregnancy last year, we cancelled the tubing (you know, the turbulence and all) and went shopping instead. It was such a fun time that we decided to repeat the weekend in Houston and ‘shop ‘til we drop’…and that we certainly did.

These girls are the type of girlfriends where you don’t necessarily talk to on the phone once a month and share every detail of every day, but the kind of where when you get together once a year, you go straight back to being best friends who talk about life, laugh a ton, analyze every detail of every relationship….where nothing has changed since that freshman year. The good ‘ol days!

One highlight of this weekend was making the “Turkey Wreath” recipe. We had it for brunch on Saturday and it was VERY yummy! It’s the perfect dish to bring to a shower, game watching party, or make with Thanksgiving leftovers….with just a few simple ingredients.

The Turkey Wreath:

1. The ingredients to combine in a bowl (exact measurements coming soon!)

2. Lay out the one box of Pillsbury crescent rolls in a sun formation. Then attached another layer to each roll facing inward. Add scoops of the turkey mixture around base the circle. Fold the inner and outer layers together to make the “wreath”. It’s easier than it sounds. Promise.

3. The final product. Once you put it on a pretty plate, you can add garnish to jazz it up a bit!

After making this dish, we talked about the many yummy dishes that you can make with a roll of Pillsbury crescent rolls. I have made almost ALL of these recipes and they are DELISH!

1. Tammy’s Treats – Cream cheese and breakfast sausage ..soo good. (Thank you, Trog!)
2. Pigs in a blanket (sometimes with cheese…YUM)
3. Apple Turnovers (a VERY yummy dessert a made at Christmas…Thank you, Rachel Ray!)
4. Sloppy Joe’s (the “Manwhich”)
5. Turkey Wreath (as shown above…Thank you, Robin!)
6. Soppapilla Cheesecake (yummy Mexican dessert)

If you know of any recipes that I’m missing, please let me know. I will add them to the list! Maybe I’ll start making one by one and document the recipes!!!!!

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