Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project #1 (of 3)

Yesterday I found the most fabulous fabric store in Austin. It’s not huge, but they have unique fabrics at unbelievable prices….Fanny’s Fabrics on South Lamar. I went on my lunch break to look for a bright red pattern to re-cover my dining room chairs…and I left with something completely different! A whole new look! I fell in love with so many patterns that I even bought a yard or two of a random fabric to use for pillows or a table runner…who knows!

Before I show you the pictures….keep in mind that I’m trying to brighten up the room and give it a fresh look. Our front room is really long and narrow and doesn’t get much natural light.

The room before with the ugly chair fabric:

My new subtle, but fresh make-over:

Room views: I'm still playing around with the table decoration!

Look #1: Clean and Simple (I think I like this the best!)

Look #2: A simple runner (that I would definately iron)

Look #3: Playing with the colors...might be too springy!

Okay..I know what you are thinking. It’s completely different from my typical taste and doesn’t match my china (that I will eventually bring down from my parents house), but I just loved the pattern and the “shabby chic” look! James wasn’t the biggest fan of all the pink, but I know it will grow on him. I kept re-assuring him that it’s easy to un-do…and that you can barely see the pink when the chairs are pushed in.

Originally, I was going to make little seat covers that would just lie over the seat cushion until I figured out how easy it was to actually recover them. I just unscrewed four screws holding the seat cushion to the chair, used a staple gun to attach the fabric, and re-screwed the seat back on the chair. Super easy! ~10 minutes/chair and I only used two yards of fabric.

Now that I know it’s so easy…I might just change them out all the time! Once we get a china cabinet, I’ll probably go to a more formal look and change them out again! But for now..I thought this would be fun!

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