Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bling, Bling!

Note: This is NOT a picture of James.

Oh yes, my friends…James has a new tooth. Several people have heard about James' tooth drama over the past year. The bone was decaying and he had to get a tooth extracted. This is not something that can be fixed with one easy appointment. This is a year long process.

About a year ago, he got the tooth and some of the bone extracted. He was put under anesthesia during this process. Some of you might remember my story about waiting for James to wake-up in the recovery room. While he was still a little woozy, he asked the nurses SEVERAL TIMES if he could keep the tooth they removed, asked me to “steal” more gauze when the nurses weren’t looking…”just in case”…AND did fist pumps out of the doctor’s office IN the wheel chair when they told him that he could keep the tshirt they put him in during the surgery. It was a circus to say the least.

About six months after that, he had the post put in and got fitted for the crown. Well, yesterday was the BIG DAY…the Grand Finale of this crazy tooth journey. I was pretty excited to have this over with, and so was our bank account. The insurance company has barely covered ANYTHING.

On Monday night, this is how our conversation went:

James: I have that dentist appointment tomorrow to finally get my cap put on my tooth.

Allison: That’s awesome! This whole thing will finally be over.

James: Yeah. It will be weird having a tooth there.

Allison: Oh, you won’t even notice. They make them look and feel so real these days. You won’t even be able to see it in your mouth.

James: Yeah I will….it’s gold.

Allison: GOLD?????

James: Yeah, it was the cheapest option. The white ones were super expensive.

Allison: What?? You CHOSE gold??? Even over SILVER?? Are you crazy???

James: Well..the gold tooth is a stronger metal than the silver tooth. I figured it was better to get the stronger one. Besides, it’s a back can barely see it.

Allison: Whatever. It’s your mouth.

Case and point. The difference between a man and a woman. James chose the gold because it was the stronger of the two metals. I probably would have chosen the more expensive white one and pretended like it was my ONLY option to James! : )

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