Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Napa and San Francisco Trip!

I've been meaning to blog about our Napa trip for over a month now! For all you bloggers out there, you know how frustrating it is to format a ton of pictures in one post. There are always a few curse words said.'s Halloween and time for a little treat!

James and I had a blast on this trip! It was such a beautiful part of the country. We can understand why people who love Napa go all the time. We are ready to go back! Maybe when we all have kids old enough to go to summer camp, we can ship them off and do a group trip! We can have their "grandparents" send all the care packages and letters.


We drove straight to Napa when we landed and headed to Bouchon's Restaurant. It's was the cutest french bistro with the same owner as the famous French Laundry Restaurant. It was a late dinner (1AM our time) and my mystic tan was still you can tell!

One of the many gorgeous views of the winery. A possible Christmas card pic! And NO..we did not mean to match outfits that day.

Another Christmas card option! This was one of James' favorite wineries...and not just because we had a coupon for a free tasting.

The countryside. One of the 1239023 countryside pictures we took.

Our favorite winery - Nickel & Nickel. It was so educational and the wine was fabulous.

In the cellar. It was freezing.

After several tastings, James was CRAVING a beer.

The infamous Ahi Tuna burger with garlic fries. It was James favorite meal! Taylor's Refresher is a MUST for anyone who goes to Napa. It's been featured on Rachel Ray AND Diner, Dives, and Drive-In's - My favorite shows.

After several wineries, they all start to taste the same!

Our teeth became purple.

And we were taking crazy pictures in the vineyard. Don't worry, it was our last stop....and our camera was sitting on the fence on a timer. We did NOT make a stranger take this picture.

The Powell-Hyde trolley outside our hotel. This is something everyone needs to experience. It was actually kind of scary. Christmas card picture (option 3).

BIKING the BRIDGE. It was not much of a leisurely ride, but quite challenging. I did walk my bike up the hill twice...AND was in pain for SEVERAL days after. When I say "bike the bridge", I mean bike the 5 mile park before the bridge, down fisherman's wharf, and all the way into Saulsalito (another town!). We definitely burned off some of those garlic fries from the day before. It was a fun experience and worth every penny! It also became a funny story.

Golden Gate Bridge! YAY!

Pier 39. With all the sea lions. It's smelly and gross, but tourist attraction none the less!

Lombardi Street. This was after our "bike ride" and after we walked up a HUGE hill. My forehead was quite shiny.

All in all, it was a great trip!


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