Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a little tired this morning, folks!

Okay - I would like to re-hash a little "experience" from last night.
12:14AM The Lee's are sound asleep in their cozy bed.

12:15AM Carbon Monoxide Detector goes off. The detector is in our room. It. is. LOUD.

12:15:01AM We both jump up out of deep sleep.

James' reaction: gets out of bed, rips the detector right out of the wall, pulls out the battery, puts the disassembled contraption on the book shelf.....and gets right back into bed and goes to sleep.

Allison's reaction: Start smelling for gas, blow my nose so I can smell better, run into the kitchen to check the stove and oven (both are off)....come back to our bedroom to find James sound asleep.

I mean....WHAT? How is he not worried that there could be gas in our house? Mr. OCD himself isn't worried that we could die in our sleep?

Well....I woke him up so we could analyze the situation. He somehow convinced me that it was just because the battery was low, and that I should calm down and go back to bed.

After laying in bed for about 10 minutes, I had convinced myself that I was breathing differently, and that it had to have been from the gas in our house. SO....I woke him up AGAIN and made him research our smoke detector online. He patiently read through the entire users manual online, while I paced back and forth....debating on whether I should call the fire department and have them come check out the situation. (Several of us remember the time we smelled gas in the pi phi house!)

After ~20 minutes of reading the "fine print" in the manual, we decided to plug it back in the wall and see if it went off again or registered any alarming levels. Well....of didn't. No signs of gas - We were fine.

12:45 AM The Lee's are soundly back asleep, and my breathing feels normal again.
Another reason why I have a wonderful husband! :)

On Wednesday night, I saw "He's Just Not That Into You" and I swear that the scenario last night could have been straight from the movie!!! haha.

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