Friday, February 20, 2009

A Very Productive Lunch Break!

Last week, I had a very productive lunch break! A quick trip to Old Navy! And folks, I did NOT come out empty handed. I had some credit that I needed to use, as well as a 30% off coupon. I couldn't resist. I just wanted a few fun pieces for the spring season.

My recent Old Navy purchases:

A Classic Trench Coat

I have been looking for a standard trench coat for SO long. They are either way too long, way too broad in the shoulders, too heavy, or they are WAY too expensive. I just want something light to throw on a work when I walk to lunch. I wanted one that could be super casual with jeans or nice with black pants.

And...I realize that I'm getting picky...but I also wanted brown tortoise looking buttons. Tar-Jay had a great trench coat, but it was a little heavy...a little tight in the hips when buttoned...and had ugly tan buttons. I thought about buying it and changing out the buttons, but still.

I LOVE this one! It hits at the flattering part on the leg, and is an A-line form to it gives that extra space in the hips that some of us need! :)

The ONLY negative part about this jacket is that TWO people at work have asked me if I have a bunch of fake Rolex's for sale in there.... whatever.

A Bright Colored Rain Jacket

I just HAD to try this one when I saw it. It was also reduced to $20 bucks. They had them in hot pink and navy too. I just thought the yellow was more "me". The hot pink made my cheeks look too red....and I don't have ANY clothes that work with navy....don't even get me started with picking out shoes to match.

So anyways....I wore this all day yesterday with a white turtle neck and black pants. It was very cute! Now....I'm not gonna lie....Several people at work also mentioned how bright it was! I don't care! :)

A Patterned Lightweight Scarf
Okay. I love the "scarf look"...where you do the "double wrap" around the neck. I got the black and white one (couldn't find a picture). It's so cute and casual. I've tried the look before with my pashmina's, but it doesn't work too well. They are too wide and thick. I look like I'm getting read for an Arctic blast.

Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Charlize Theron pull this look off pretty well. Specifically the style on the far right. I thought this Old Navy scarf looked like those trendy "skull and cross bone" ones. I thought this jazzed up my work outfit pretty well. It also looked cute under the trench coat too.

Now...I WILL say that I fiddled with the scarf several times throughout the day. I don't mind. I just couldn't get it to stay wrapped all the way. Does anyone know any tricks? Do you need a speciality scarf for this look? The one wrap around look is probably more flattering for big busted people anyway. Man...looking at the pink one...I might need to get this one too! :)

Anyways...I just wanted to share my fun new spring purchases! Have a great weekend!

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