Thursday, June 4, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

James and I have been busy over the past few months. Over the next couple posts, I'm going to try and catch everyone up on our adventures this spring!

First and foremost, we took a fabulous trip to Puerto Vallarta for our friend's wedding in April.

Michael was one of James' best friends growing up and the best man in our wedding...we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

We arrived on a Tuesday and got to relax for 4 days straight! There is nothing like reading a book all day by the ocean.

I spent MOST of the trip reading in this chair. Please note that I was very good about staying in the shade and drinking lots of water (in between the drinks!)

The resort was Playa Fiesta and it was PERFECT!!! Seriously, if you are considering a destination wedding, LOOK HERE! It's run by a cute young couple from San Francisco. There are 30 wonderful rooms with amazing views. This was the view from our room. It was the perfect place to relax and put your feet up!

Congrats to the happy couple - Michael and Jenna! We love you!

The wedding party took over the whole hotel, and by the end of the were friends with ALL the wait staff, bartenders etc. get to know the rest of the wedding party and families throughout the week. We even talked about planning a 5 year reunion there! haha.

James' new bestie, the bartender Juan Carlos! James' big grin has NOTHING to do with the tequila shots he took earlier. And just so you know..the bartenders weren't just hanging out by the pool drinking. Juan Carlos actually put down the towel he was cleaning with...and picked up the beer for the photo-op!

One of the MANY pictures we took. How is it that sunsets just get prettier and prettier by the minute? Every time we took a picture, the colors would change...and I would make James take another. It happened on our honeymoon too! This was probably our 4th take. James was thrilled! I just now noticed his shirt was untucked....he's lucky I didn't catch that earlier or we would have had to re-do the whole shoot.

Cigar Night for the boys!! James was going for the "tough" look, while the other guys posed. They must be well trained by their ladies.

We took an "excursion" one day to go zip lining! It was a blast! I LOVE heights, and James.....well, not so much. I was SO proud of him for completing the entire course. He screamed like a little girl, but he did it! Oh, the things he does for me. :)

I tried to bring my camera, but they wouldn't let me. They wanted you to buy the pictures they took at the end of the trip. James thought it was a waste, but I slipped them the money and purchased the pictures anyways. See James reaction below when I showed him my purchases!

Following the course, James had to sit down and regain his composure. I'm actually surprised this picture wasn't blurry because of how fast his hands and legs were still shaking. I must have an incredible camera.

While James was catching his breath and counting his blessings, I hit up a free tequila tasting! When in Rome, right?

Another treat we has was a couples massage. James had his doubts at first (most of you have heard the story of our first one...I MUST post that experience soon!), but as soon as we found out the price ($25/person)..we were SOLD! This was James and I in the middle of our discussion about what to take off before the massage. I think he thought I was pulling his leg about taking off the swim trunks! haha.

This was another picture during the wedding. I guess I was in the middle of a dance move towards the end of the night. There must have been a GREAT song playing....and by great, I mean it was probably gangster rap.

We had a wonderful time and hope to go back again one day!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. WOO-HOO!! The blog is BACK!! And y'alls pictures are SO great from this trip! That resort is so gorgeous! And I'm cracking up that you threw James under the bus about buying the zip line pictures! ha.

  2. SO GLAD the blog is back!! And I LOVE the header. The other ones you showed me were super cute, but this one's even better! A+!

  3. Hi,
    I just found your blog. I live in NC too. We also went to Puerto Vallarta last summer and did the zip lines, it was amazing !!!! My dad bought the pics too. oh, we also bought an incredible video they made of all our zip lines rides.

  4. hey - just saw the new blog. love it! now you need a new update :) hope all is well -let's do lunch soon!