Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Chops!

Three years ago today, James and I tied the knot! In honor of our celebration, I dedicated the cake I made last night in my "Cake Decorating 101" class to our anniversary.

Complete with our wedding colors and everything!

NOTE: Last night's class was more about the proper way to ice a cake and less about the actual "decorating". Please note how evenly its iced. :) We added the decoration the last 2.5 minutes of class.

For a recap of our experience in Wilton's Cake Decoarting Class 101 at Micheals, go to "Life is Glam & Fab". She explained the evening fairly accurately. :)

Our original wedding cake:
This was us eating the top of our wedding cake 2 years ago~ sorry for the blurry pictures! Once we took all the disgusting flowers off the top, it was actually quite good!

To many more years of wedding bliss! :) haha.
Did I really just say that?


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  2. Happy Anniversary!! It was such an honor to stand by your side on that special day. Pearls, you made a beautiful bride and're one lucky man! :) Love you both!

  3. Happy Anniversary Lees!!! Love ya'll :)

  4. i'm so jealous of your cake decorating class...i took one here, but all i learned was how to make icing roses. it sucked.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Perfectly smooth icing (without crumbs) is the hardest part. Way to go!