Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pearls' Pantry Challenge!!!

On Sunday night, Chops made Zataran's Dirty Rice for dinner. I didn't eat any because I decided to drink my dinner at happy hour instead...a choice I clearly regretted at work on Monday morning! Since the Dirty Rice mix makes a fairly large portion, I figured that we would have leftovers for dinner on Monday night. That was my plan!

As I'm pulling out the tupperware last night to start the reheating process....Chopsticks proceeds to tell me that he accidentally left it out on the counter all night long with the words..."Do you think it's still okay?". Well....no...I don't think ground beef and cheesy rice is okay after being at room temperature for over 12 hours.

Since we don't really have much food left after the weekend, I figured I would have to go pick something up...which James HATES to do on a weekday. He chooses to gourd himself at lunch everyday with his coworkers and prefers a home cooked meal at night. He also doesn't like to spend $6.95 on a bowl of pad tai noodles from Fire Bowl because it might just break the bank.

Since I wasn't okay with eating a plain ham sandwich and 4 kiwi's for dinner, I started getting annoyed. Well...apparently Chopsticks knows all the tricks in the book because he immediately switched the TV channel to Food Network (my fav!) and announced Pearls' Pantry Challenge!!!! I had 30 minutes to use whatever ingredients we had in the pantry to make something for dinner!

Everyone knows I love a good challenge. Well.....I got HYPED and ran straight into the kitchen to get to work.....while James immediately switched the channel back to Monday Night NFL Countdown...and patted himself on the back for his little accomplishment. I'm in the kitchen making a home cooked meal..and he will not have to spend a penny.
Over the next 30 minutes, he randomly yelled out my remaining time left....as I scurried around throwing canned goods into various pots...and chopping up what was left of our remaining vegetables. It helped that my neighbor randomly brought over some fresh ceviche and shrimp for us to try....more ingredients for me to use!!!! Is it sad that I actually thought about not using the ceviche because it would be against the "challenge" rules?

Well, when all was said and done...I was over my time limit, but had a fulfilling free meal!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! I'm ready for the big leagues!!!

Vegetarian Taco Salad
with Black Beans & Spanish Rice

NOTE: Rice was made with rotel instead of diced tomato's....I had to improvise! I was a true competitor and thought outside the box.

I tried to take a picture of my masterpiece, but Chops dove in too fast. I guess his double patty cheeseburger and fries at lunch, and the mid-afternoon beef jerky snack wasn't enough to tie him over til dinner.

Bobby Flav - Email chopsticksandpearls@gmail.com if you are interested in having me on your show. Clearly, I am experienced enough for your competition.

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  1. i'm impressed! good work. i've thought about doing that sometime...trying to use everything in our pantry and fridge before i went to the store...never been brave enough though. by the way...you slipped on chopsticks name up there.