Monday, December 8, 2008


I’ve wanted to post about this for a while. No one knows this better than James, but I am a SUCKER for infomercials. The moment one of those infomercials comes on, I’m in a trance. Now with that being said, I DO have enough self control not to pick up the phone and order a product just because there is a limited time offer for $19.95. BUT I HAVE purchased SEVERAL items at Bed Bath and Beyond in the “As Seen on TV” section.

Therfore, I wanted to do a review of some products I have tried, as well as share some of the products that I am DYING to try. Hopefully, this will help some of your future impulse purchases.


1. Ped-Egg

I have the WORST feet. I don’t know if I walk too hard in my heals or what, but there is so much dry and callously skin. When I get a pedicure, it is not uncommon for the ladies to laugh and point at my feet to the other ladies. It’s like I’m a circus animal and everyone has to come see for themselves. The first time I saw this product in BBB, I was sold! I just pictured myself like the lady in the commercial…rubbing it on my feet really quick before I went to bed….magically making my feet soft and smooth.

Review: NOT WORTH THE MONEY. You literally have to rub this thing on your foot for an HOUR to feel any difference. I tried it when my foot was both wet and dry. It didn’t make a difference. My foot was just as callously when I woke up the next day. AND..this might be T.M.I. (too much information) BUT…to get the sucker open to empty it out…you need super human strength…and when it finally pops open…the dead skin flies EVERYWHERE!!! It’s AWFUL! I apologize for being gross, but this is the stuff you need to know.

2. Lateral Thigh Trainer

I bought this at BBB for an incredible steal. I thought it would be perfect to use while I was watching TV in my apartment. My thought was that I would get on every time I watched those "Friends" reruns right when I got home from work. When you watch the commercial, it seems like a BEST idea. You get to watch how many calories you are burning while it tones not only your leg, but your whole body. Then you just slide it under your bed when you are finished. Who doesn’t want that?
Review: IT’S STILL EXERCISE, BUT WORSE. First, it probably weighs 40 pounds. So your workout really starts by just carrying it from your car to your apt. By the time I got it up 3 flights of stairs, I had to call it a day. I MAYBE used it three times. It's just NOT a normal body movement. It’s impossible to get the rhythm going because you have nothing to hold on to…so by the time you try to go as fast as the lady in the infomercial, you basically fall off. I swear that lady must have some kind of invisible rope holding her up during the taping. And to top it all off, it wasn’t even close to fitting under the bed. Needless to say, I just left it in my apartment when I moved.

3. Space Saver - Vacuum Seal Bags

We found these at Costco after seeing them in a few commercials. You basically fill these bags with clothes, pillows, blanket etc. and then vacuum seal. It’s supposed to shrink the pile to 1/3 of the actual size. The selling point is that you will literally be able to fit 3 times to amount of stuff in your small closet. Because our home does not have that much storage space, James and I were sold!

Review: WORTH EVERY PENNY – We LOVE these bags!!! They work exactly like the commercial. It is truly amazing when you actually watch the vacuum seal happening. And you really CAN fit 3 times as many blankets and pillows into your closet. AND…the bags slide perfectly under the bed. I don’t even remember how we lived before we had these bags. It’s a must have for sure!

Things I am DYING to try:

1. SHAM WOW towels. Have you people seen the demonstration? The amount of water this towel can hold is mind boggling. Especially when it soaks up the coke from the carpet..even the under-layers are dried up. Who doesn’t need that? I think it would be the perfect gift for a guy. They can dry their entire car with one towel. Every time I see that commercial, I think of that Real World/ Road Rules extreme challenge finale two years ago when they had to fill up a big pale of water by soaking up water from the ocean with towels and then running up the beach and ringing out the water into the pale. If they only had the shamwow towels!

2. Detox Foot Patches – This is a pad that you stick on your foot at night and it soaks up all the toxins in your body. When you wake up, you have more energy and feel better. The more toxins you have, the dirtier the pad is when you take it off. According to the commercials, people feel so much better after using these. And after reading about it online, it's very scientific. Now..before you judge, I realize this sounds ridiculous. But for $9.99, why not give it a try. Who doesn’t want to get rid of toxins? I’d rather try and simple pad on my foot over some kind of random diet that cleans you out. Who’s with me?

3. Debbie Meyer Green Bags – Have you SEEN the before and after pictures? Every time I see this commercial, I think of all the money I would save on groceries. We always have to throw away old fruit and vegetables because we go out of town for a few days or something comes up and we didn’t end up eating at home. How nice would it be if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore? You knew they would be fresh for another whole week! SOLD!

If any of you have reviews on the products above, I would love to hear them!

I mean…Is it sad that I’m looking forward to getting on a plane in a few weeks because I can browse the Sky Mall magazine? Who doesn’t love that magazine? Those products are BRILLIANT! I always take them with me just in case I want to buy something later. Don’t worry, I always ask the attendant and they say its fine! ;)

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