Thursday, January 29, 2009

T minus 1 WEEK until Hardwood Floors!

I realize that its been two months since I've posted last, but I'm back! I could give a million reasons why I have been such a slacker with my blog, but I'll spare you. I've decided that I will blog more if I stop thinking so much about what to post....or how to make it funny.....and then editing it several times before posting. It just takes way too long!

I'll post some pictures from Christmas and the Sudance Film Festival soon. Our big news though is that we are getting hardwood floors in our house NEXT WEEK! I am SO excited. We have spent the past several weekends bringing home samples and getting quotes from companies all around town. It's been exhausting and discouraging. Of course, ALL the wood we loved was the most expensive, and you don't want to settle with something you don't like.

One company quoted us significantly lower than all the others. It was still higher than we wanted to pay, but we were considering it. James HATES negotiating. He's actually terrible at it. He has the patience of a 4 year old and always gives in WAY to early. I, on the other hand, have no we've all seen with my celebrity pictures.

That's when he made me a deal. Whatever I negotiate the final price to be, he will give me the difference from the original quoted price to spend on furniture/rugs! So what does a girl do?????

Pearls - check!
Preppy pink cardigan around the shoulders - check!
high patent leather pumps - check!
Extra mascara & lipstick - check!

I marched right down to that warehouse full of men ready to make me a deal. I joked around and laughed. I wouldn't say it was flirting per say....but I definitely started out playing the role of the naive wife who knows NOTHING about hardwood floors. Little did they know that I had memorized ALL of our measurements...and price points. I also mentioned about how I have this "friend" that sells the exact brand of wood that I wanted...and he was going to cut me a deal. The assured me that they could beat it.

20 minutes later..

I walked outta there with the best deal in town. I knocked it down a good $1,000!!! hahaha. Installation and everything! They even said they would pull up all our vinyl floor for free because I was so nice! The manager even said that the probably wouldn't make a dime off my project because they are selling the wood at cost! James was so proud!!!!

Now...they DID say that we would save money if we bought and painted all our quarter rounds ourselves. If you dont' know much about flooring, it's the edging around wall. Looks like James and I will be at Home Depot this weekend!!! I'm so excited! All I can think about is how different our house will look ...and how I'm going to decorate! I'm gonna hit up some consignment stores this weekend.

My inspiration rooms:

I love the white chairs with the table in between. I'm finally going to be able to buy the IKEA white chairs! woohoo! I also love the stacked books on the coffee table.

I LOVE these chair covers. I am going to try and 'make' these for our dining room chairs. I also love the sconces...and the blue/grey paint color with the goldish curtains.

I love this chandelier and the color of the room. I also love that they put the curtains higher than the window to make the room look bigger.

We have this small space when you first walk in the the dining room. I thought this pretty way to use the space. A table with two chairs ..and curtains. I will FINALLY be putting curtains up in the front room. I also love the stacked books.

I love the way the two rugs work in this room. I definitely want to use get a jute rug for the front room. I also LOVE mirrored funiture. Love, love, love. It probably wouldn't go with our funiture now..but one day!
I just love the mirror and antique cabinet. I think it looks formal, but casual at the same time.
I have LOVED this coffee table for over a year now. It would be my entire decorating I need to find a knock off.

I have also LOVED this mirrored cabinet. It would go perfect in this little nook in our house, but it's not practical...we don't need it...and it probably wouldn't match everything else. oh, but I love it!

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