Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Working downtown can be nice…fun restaurants at lunch, a million happy hour places after work, and the pure excitement and energy that comes from tourists visiting the capitol every day. However sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There are several disadvantages that come along with working in the Capitol complex. …the PARKING.

Our parking garage is THREE blocks away from our building. UPHILL. No lie. I have worn out several pairs of expensive heals, sweat through my suits in the summer walking to the office….not to mention the trials and tribulations when it rains or hails. You get my point. It’s not ideal. The only benefit is that I get the satisfaction that I’ve burned of a few more calories a day than planned.

Every now and then, I have to load my car with materials for an event I’m planning (gift baskets, signage, binders…you name it). When this happens, I park my car in a “loading zone” in front of the building. I REFUSE to take several trips to load my car THREE BLOCKS away. No ma’am. That was NOT in the job description.

On a few occasions, I’ve left my in front of the building until the end of the day. I received ONE parking ticket from the Capitol DPS last year and protested the fine. They are always so nice. So when I didn’t hear back, I assumed they just took it off my record.

Well friends…several weeks ago I tested my luck again and got the BOOT. Apparently, the ticket from the previous year was not removed. Well, my coworkers thought it was so funny that they took this picture from our office of me in complete panic mode.

The only real unfortunate thing was that the coworker who took the picture knows James….and had already emailed it to him at work with the subject line “she’ll never learn”. Awesome.

I ended up paying the fine. They took off the boot, and I got on with my day. Moral of the story - Did I learn my lesson? Sure…pay your parking tickets. Will I ever test my luck again and park there again? Probably so! :)

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